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Outdated home security system in Houston
September 15, 2020

Can I Order a Houston Security System Installation With Existing Hardware?

So you have an existing security system and you want to add the reassurance of ADT monitoring. Perhaps you moved into a home that already has security equipment. Or did you get an out-of-the-box doorbell camera and now you want to get a whole security system? You may even already use a system with a different company, but don’t like their service.

Fortunately, you might be able to get a Houston security system installation with existing hardware -- depending on some key factors.

You Moved Into A House With Existing Security Hardware Already Installed

When you toured your new home, you learned it had a security system that was already wired in. Now that you’re the owner, don’t wait to activate it. Unless your hardware is significantly dated, you should be able to reactivate it. A specialist will still come to your home to check that the components are still working and maybe even swap out your touchscreen control hub. And since you already own the hardware, you may qualify for a lower-cost monthly plan.

However, don't assume that you're stuck with your previous security system. A lot of new accessories can integrate with your existing ADT-monitored home security system. So, don’t hesitate to get devices, such as smart locks or security cameras, for a more well-rounded security system. Your installer can also replace components for a better experience.

Houston security system monitoring.

You Want To Incorporate A Complete Security System Around Your Off-the-Shelf Device

At one time, you may have bought an exterior camera or a water sensor as a standalone occurrence. Now, you want the benefit of a complete Houston security system with 24/7 monitoring. But instead of replacing that one-off device, can you sync it with the new system?

Many times yes -- but not always. Products such as doorbell cameras, glass break sensors, and smart locks that use Z-Wave technology have a better ability to integrate. Then, it's an easy set up to connect the component to your ADT control panel. Understand that low-priced or very outdated security equipment may not cooperate and will have to be swapped out. Simply contact Secure24 Alarm Systems, and we can let you know which older components will work with the control panel and mobile app.

You’d Like To Keep Using Your Current Alarm System But Switch Monitoring Services

If the monitoring service you have now isn't meeting your needs, you might think about switching companies without upgrading your hardware. The first thing to do is see if your current provider has proprietary hardware. If they do, then a switch in security monitoring will mean a re-installation of all your devices. That may feel like a hassle, but at least you'll have the latest and greatest technology that may be more sensitive and user friendly.

If you can get a new provider, then the change may be more straightforward. Just verify that you’re not in the middle of a contract before you switch over. You may be responsible for two security contracts! You'll need to replace old-fashioned or unusable devices, but the monitoring switch should be fairly easy in most cases .

Call Secure24 Alarm Systems To See If You Can Get a Houston Home Security Installation With Your Existing Hardware

To find out if your old hardware will connect to your new ADT-monitored home security system, contact Secure24 Alarm Systems. Our security professionals will walk through your needs and tell you what components you can continue to use and which equipment will have to be upgraded. Call us at (713) 335-3438 or complete the form on this page to get a quote.